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Paper Prevails Once Again

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Continually people seek to understand the effects various things have on humans, and often neurological studies are performed to try and better understand some of these. One thing which is very important to us here at Priority Envelope is paper, and we are always interested to learn about the impact that paper and digital media have on us.

In a study conducted by Bangor University and branding agency Millward Brown, fMRI scans were used to study the effects of paper and digital media. They found that paper is more “real” to the brain, and that it involves more emotional processing- a key to brand association. Also, it was found that physical matter, i.e. paper, is better connected to memory because it engages our spatial memory networks. Paper has a meaning and a place in our brains, and Priority Envelope is happy to help you create an envelope that will mean something to you and your audience.

To read the full study follow the below link:

Millward Brown: Case Study

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