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How To Grow Your Business During The Pandemic

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The pandemic presented all businesses with unprecedented challenges and most saw a reduction in their business and a significant percentage of employees working remotely. So, how did your company stay productive and move forward during this very challenging period in the history of our country?

At Priority Envelope, we were fortunate to be considered an “essential business” which allowed us to maintain full staffing. Here are some of the ways we worked to continue moving our company forward the past few months:

  • Focus on customers– we made sure to keep in touch with our customers so we could be there to serve their needs. We wanted to make sure we did not cross that fine line between persistence and nuisance, so we remained aware not to over-communicate.
  • Education & Development– this period was a good time for a refresh on education and development to ensure we maintain our industry leading standards; an investment in the team.
  • Maintenance on Machines– at Priority, we have State of the Art equipment, and we want to make sure we keep it dialed in to specs to produce the best results for our customers.
  • Internal and external communication– when the pace of business slows, it is a good time to meet with team members and plan for how to grow post Covid 19. Also, it is also a good time to communicate with customers via social media and let them know that you are poised and ready to assist should they need you.
  • Prepare for the future– while there is nothing you can do about the past, the future is well within your control. Coming out of Covid 19, how will you grow, what are the goals, who are the targets, what is strategy and approach?

Those that used this time wisely, should be braced for growth coming out of Covid 19.

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