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North American Paper- A Sustainable Choice

Did you know that paper recovery rates in North America continue to be among the highest in the world? Last year the recovery rate was 65.8% in the US-that’s nearly two times what it was in 1990!

Two Sides North America, an independent, nonprofit organization created to promote the sustainability of print and paper, recently released a fact sheet outlining key facts and figures about the environmental sustainability of the North American pulp and paper industry. The information was compiled from over twenty different reports, studies, and sources.

Below are some of the highlights of the fact sheet:
-Forest area is stable to growing in North America.
-Nearly half of the globally certified forests are located in North America.
-The pulp and paper industry is one of the lowest emitters of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as compared to other major industrial manufacturing industries.
-The North American pulp and paper sector is heavily regulated.

Click here to download and read the entire Fact Sheet.

To reiterate, paper recovery rates in North America continue to be among the highest in the world. At 66% – 70% recovery rate, in the U.S. and Canada respectively, the amount of paper being recycled continues to increase. These rates are significantly higher than other materials and products such as glass, plastic, metals, and electronics.

Priority Envelope recognizes and appreciates the renewable nature of paper and aims to continue to increase the recovery rate of paper in the years to come. #pushtheenvelope #reducereuserecycle

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