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3 Reasons Why You Need an Innovative Supplier

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This is Part 2 of a 4-part series on the benefits of a strategic supplier. Read More: Part 1: Why You Need a Supplier Who Has Your Back | Part 3: How a Strategic Supplier Saves Money | Part 4: How Strategic Suppliers Are Insurance Policies for Success


A customer came to us with a beautifully designed envelope project; however, the processes required to produce the envelopes were cost prohibitive. We immediately identified an opportunity to use flexographic technology instead. Flexography could produce an envelope of similar quality at a fraction of the cost.

As the world continually evolves, it’s important to work with an innovative supplier who understands the current landscape and can serve as a growth partner for your business. Here are three reasons why you need an innovative supplier.

1. Modern Solutions

Innovative suppliers are in tune with the market. They study the latest trends to provide services that offer their customers competitive advantages.

They often introduce new capabilities, materials, and operational services, consistently seeking innovative ways to support their customers. They don’t sell off-the-shelf products; instead, they customize envelopes for each customer’s unique needs.

At a time when many suppliers are trying to get out of the litho convert and jet worlds to focus exclusively on flexographic, strategic suppliers offer their customers a vast array of capabilities that enable many different types of applications. They can produce envelopes others cannot.

Strategic suppliers:

  • Offer custom solutions to meet modern demands
  • Have vast capabilities
  • Provide a competitive advantage

2. State-of-the-Art Equipment

Innovative suppliers invest in their equipment. They have contemporary machines capable of producing modern envelope styles. They can add pull strings and tabs on the side, emboss envelopes, and add special perforations that qualify their customers for USPS discounts.

Innovative suppliers routinely maintain their equipment to ensure it produces the highest quality envelopes – and that envelopes work seamlessly with the inserting process. Where inferior envelopes can hamper production and delay processes, state-of-the-art envelopes are compatible with production processes and prevent problems.

Strategic suppliers:

  • Invest in their equipment
  • Produce premium quality envelopes
  • Streamline production and prevent problems

3. Sustainability

Many companies believe in corporate social responsibility. A strategic, innovative supplier can help you fulfill sustainability initiatives via recyclable materials, biodegradable window films, and in-house recycling programs.

Some suppliers belong to organizations such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Forest Stewardship Council, so they employ sustainable sourcing practices that create an eco-friendly supply chain.

Strategic suppliers:

  • Can help you achieve sustainability goals
  • Provide an eco-friendly supply chain
  • Complement corporate social responsibility programs

Suppliers that invest in innovation make your business more capable, sustainable, and efficient, translating into long-term competitive advantages that fuel business growth.

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