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Strategic Suppliers: Your Insurance Policy for Success

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This is Part 4 of a 4-part series on the benefits of a strategic supplier. Read More: Part 1: Why You Need a Supplier Who Has Your Back | Part 2: Why You Need an Innovative Supplier | Part 3: How a Strategic Supplier Saves Money


The COVID-19 supply chain crisis hit one of our customers hard, both for their internal business and major customers they served. Priority Envelope was there to help our customer overcome supply chain issues and meet their production needs.

Business is never without risk, of course, but a strategic supplier can help you mitigate risk. Here’s why you should consider your strategic supplier an insurance policy for success.

1. Trusted Quality

The last thing you want is to develop a winning direct-mail marketing campaign only to have it foiled by poor-quality envelopes no one opens.

A strategic supplier doesn’t take shortcuts to meet demand. They know what they are doing and offer quality you can trust.

Strategic suppliers:

  • Use quality materials, not second- or third-tier supplies
  • Have the right equipment to produce premium quality envelopes that command attention and get opened
  • Produce envelopes that are compatible with the inserting process, ensuring seamless production

2. Guaranteed Delivery

Missed deadlines can derail projects, especially for date-dependent mailers. Consider a mailer that must be delivered by a certain date. If the mailer lands in mailboxes after that date, an entire campaign could be wasted, with tens of thousands (or even millions) of dollars lost. A transactional supplier often can’t guarantee it will be delivered on or by the target date, but a strategic supplier can.

Strategic suppliers:

  • Can guarantee delivery
  • Understand what’s at stake
  • Protect your investment

3. Emergency Response

Nearly every business has faced a crisis: envelope shortages, misprints, and other emergencies that threaten to halt operations or waste investment.

A strategic supplier can offer robust emergency support services to get your projects back on track. When something inevitably goes wrong, you can count on your supplier to have your back, overcome unexpected obstacles, and influence success.

Strategic suppliers:

  • Provide rapid emergency response
  • Overcome unexpected challenges
  • Can save you from disaster

Consider how confident you are in your supplier’s ability to deliver premium quality envelopes on time, every time – then ask how helpful they’d be during an emergency. If you question their commitment to your business, it’s time to explore a strategic supplier who can serve as an insurance policy for your success.

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