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Progress is being made with Shape Based Mail

Do you want your envelopes to be unique and attract attention? Well than you should consider shape based mailings, as they are one way you can make your mailing stand out from the typical commercial envelope. Priority Envelope is happy to help with task!

To make matters even better, the USPS is moving towards allowing almost any shape that is no more than 5/8″ trailing edge with .300″ clearance at the bottom fold and .300″clearance at the top fold to qualify for automated discount rates. The USPS will officially refer to shape based envelope mail as “trailing edge die-cuts” when the final USPS specifications for automated mailing discounts are finalized this year.

For the moment you are OK to use any of the USPS approved shape and receive the full discounts. The envelope shape must stay the same as detailed in the approval letter but you are free to change the artwork. At the time of mailing, you will need to provide the approval letter with the mail submission or else you risk being rejected as a non-rectangular piece.

Stay tuned for further updates and call today to learn more about Priority Envelope and how we can be your best supplier!

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